Marissa Farrar

Paranormal Romance

Complete Series

The Spirit Shifters

Autumn Anderson never expects to meet a man whose touch burns…

When scientist Autumn starts her new job working in a discreet government facility in Chicago, she is surprised to discover the truth of the project she’s been hired to work on. A secret branch of the government is looking to unearth the truth behind a group of people who appear to have the ability to shift into the form of animals.

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Complete Series

Dark Ridge Wolves

Love fated mates?

Hot male shifters and the feisty women who are destined to be their one true love?

Then meet the men of the Dark Ridge wolves…

Wolf Snatched:

Curvy wolf-shifter Alyssa is snatched off the side of the road and taken to a deserted cabin in the middle of nowhere.

Outsider Callum has never wanted a pack of his own, but one scent of curvy wolf shifter Alyssa, and he knows she has to be his, by whatever means possible… Why let a little kidnapping stand between fated mates?

Wolf Torn:

Ruby might be the alpha’s niece, but that doesn’t mean she wants to be pushed around.

To secure the future of the Dark Ridge wolves, the alpha orders her mating to one of the Golding brothers.

The wrong brother…

Wolf Betrayed:

Never go into the forest alone. Don’t stray off the path. Stay home during a full moon.

Maya Brookes knows the rules, but that doesn’t mean she always wants to abide by them.

Wolf shifter Chance Nickoli has always been used to being at the bottom of the pack’s hierarchy. But when he catches a scent he recognizes instantly as belonging to his mate, everything changes.


Can a wolf shifter and a human ever have a future? Or will their desire for each other divide the Dark Ridge wolves and uncover a secret kept buried for years…

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